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10.4-inch industrial panel pc display, industrial touch screen, rugged

10.4-inch industrial panel pc display, industrial touch screen, rugged

Main features: 10.4-inch TFT LCD industrial display,1024*768 resolution, industrial touch screen, rugged, cost-effective. Embedded / desktop / wall mounted (optional).

Product Overview: Industrial Tablet PC is a technology for industrial control, machinery and equipment, ship control system, tower crane online monitoring, production assembly line management, medical equipment, video capture, LED large screen control, multimedia player and automotive equipment, POS and other applications Design of a strong economic touch industry Tablet PC. It is mainly for the CPU speed requirements, compact structure requires low affordable lower price Tablet PC.

Excellent heat dissipation: the use of solid metal shell, with excellent thermal performance. With Intel Celeron 1037U / I3 / I5 / I7 CPU ultra-power-saving embedded platform design, the machine has excellent reliability. With a small size, ultra-thin, power consumption, stable and reliable, fast and so on. Size is only equivalent to the traditional display.

Beautiful appearance: the use of metal panels, the use of laser laser technology, for polishing, sandblasting, oxidation, spraying, silk screen and other processing technology.

Dust and waterproof: professional front panel design, so that the whole structure is solid and reliable, beautiful fashion. Can meet the vast majority of application environment, dust and water requirements.

Touch screen: the series of industrial Tablet PC in addition to CPU speed, storage capacity, I / O interface rich, there are a variety of touch screen to choose from. According to customer requirements to provide capacitance and resistance screen to choose from.

WIFI wireless network: the series Tablet PC can be equipped with built-in WIFI wireless card, and with high sensitivity of the external antenna.

Installation: The tablet also offers a variety of installation methods to suit a wide range of applications. To meet the diverse requirements of the installation of customers. To meet the VESA 100 installation. Embedded open installation, wall or standing installation. Due to the light weight structure, can be equipped with a variety of mounting bracket.

Storage: basic configuration for the hard disk, you can also use the high reliability of the SSD.

Power: 8 ~ 36V DC power supply, power consumption, especially for the limitations of power supply occasions.

Operating system: This machine supports MS series win XP (preload), win 7 and Linux operating system.

1, the field of electronic education: the liquid crystal display and other network terminal equipment in the actual operation, to provide a stable and convenient touch equipment.
2, digital city: to adapt to indoor and outdoor harsh environment, in the construction of digital city projects have become the first choice for supporting equipment.
3, the industry self-service terminal: already in the financial, telecommunications, government self-service terminals, ATM, KIOSK and other fields.
4, industrial control areas: suitable for industrial environments and other places where bad environment.
5, other applications: With the application of the touch screen continues to expand, in the entertainment equipment, high-tech virtual operating platform, medical equipment and other fields to show their talents.

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