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5 digital signage future trends set to change the market


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    5 digital signage future trends set to change the market

    The future of digital signage will comprise many functions and features including personalization, data analysis, augmented reality, interactive media and artificial intelligence.

    Technologies will be trickier

    Nobody wants to show down and wait. People need speed and fast data processing. Such increase of response speed requires the state-of-the-art equipment. The fast response is necessary to improve the data processing, which results in suggestion of proper content.

    In the world of business, time means money, so the investments in the work of digital signage vendor are expected. Since the content is the core of digital signage, the streaming options will be optimized for the better understanding and perception by the customer.

    The displays will cooperate with cameras, mobile devices and applications, the sensors of which will process the personal data to achieve the maximum satisfaction of the customer.

    For example, when visiting a restaurant, you will be offered a special menu in accordance with your diet goals and health condition. And the main thing that such information will be provided to you as soon as you enter the restaurant, i.e. the data will be processed for the time less than you would require for reading menu.

    Technologies will be smarter

    The digital signage system will facilitate the improvement of operational process by eliminating some useless stages, which acted more as a brake. The advanced algorithms will understand the changes for the better performance. The analysis of your products, services, solutions will be accelerated and your customers will be satisfied in the improved servicing. When buying nachos, for example, a guacamole advertisement will be shown to you.

    The key functions in such analysis will be recognition and personalization. Personalization means the personal information, which you provide to open sources or your private devices. This includes age, dimensions, preferences, taste, lifestyle, job position and many other factors, which reflect your personality in total.

    The recognition process is more complicated, as it comprises the operation of numerous sensors, cameras, devices and applications. The results of recognition mostly depend on the personal data, therefore, the accuracy is related to the accuracy of personalization. When you enter some store or other establishment, you will be greeted by name and immediately offered with the products you need. A thief will be quite surprised, when a display shouts "Go away." Using digital signage in the office increases the efficiency of its work. The display acts as personal assistant, which provides tips and advice according to the situation.

    Software will take a decision what and when to display

    The numerous marketing departments will take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) in performing their functions. The tasks of these specialists will include the management and monitoring of the digital signage operations. AI will make an appropriate decision whether a particular content should be displayed to a particular customer based on the analysis of numerous indicators and databases. The AI will analyze the goals of the person in front of the screen in order to define what kind of advertising is better to be displayed in this particular moment. Let’s say, a potential buyer is choosing a toothpaste in the department and then he or she looks at the display. The buyer needs the best toothpaste deal to be shown, rather than a candy's discounted price.

    Data will be the core and the data processing will make the difference

    Digital signage is a strong tool to improve the customers’ response and relationships, therefore, it is important to understand what content to display and how it works to achieve maximum efficiency. If you have a Ferrari, you should not drive it like a Fiat. Digital signage is rather expensive process, which can bring fruit if properly applied.

    Digital signage instead of staff

    The communication with customers will be performed via display excluding any human-to-human relationship. Amazon Go has already introduced an advanced technology for stores without any lines or checkouts. The smart displays are performing the key role in the shopping without shopping personnel. You take what you need, pay for it via an app and leave a store without time spending for lines.

    If you need a shower gel, the display will show you the best one. While waiting for your taxi, the display will even guess your thoughts by offering the places to visit in your final destination upon your arrival.

    It sounds like a Big Brother is watching you. However, your data is being analyzed now but is not properly used. In 10 years, the digital signage software will know better what, whom and how to display. Welcome to the future, which is implemented right now.

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