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Micro ATX / Mini ITX H510 Motherboard Mini pc with Intel 10th 11th 10100 i3 10500 i5 10900 i9


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    Micro ATX / Mini ITX H510 Motherboard Mini pc with Intel 10th 11th 10100 i3 10500 i5 10900 i9

    In the past, the computer's mainframes were mostly large and heavy, not just inconvenient to carry, but also to occupy an pos to at home. So many friends have chosen notebooks instead. However, notebooks have many disadvantages, as scarce performance and high heat during the game. So there is a computer with a compact size, good heat dissipation, an economic price, high performance and an exquisite appearance? As a result, peripheral hosts of small volumes have emerged as Mothers, chassis and specific ITX specification feeders, and have gradually become popular and mature in recent years. Maxsun officially published the ITX threshold to be more friendly: MSSUN MS-Challenger H510 ITX motherboard. Let's take a look at this article. Let's take a look at some good suggestions and advantages of ITX configuration in this article.


    Office, video show:

    MAXSUN MS-CHALLENGER H510ITX is a Motherboard of the 500 series suitable for processors of 11th and decent of Intel. For the experience of daily audio and video and daily office needs, Intel Core processors only have a good performance of stability and temperature, let the daily office has a smooth and stable experience; The CORE I3-10105 CPU in the figure, the Turbo frequency up to 4.4 GHz cannot only obtain powerful daily office performance, but the 4 cores and 8 pos wires are also managed to manage the DIS pos IVI standard i7. Even the tasks of entry-level design and engineering software are not problems.


    The external DC power solution also makes the volume of the pretty small host. This type of small DC-ITX case has many excellent styles to choose from, and the design is very delicate. The 100W power supply supports good processor release performance and the powerful heat dissipation is difficult to distinguish even if it is compared with a notebook computer of about $ 800 dollars ,,,,,,

    For Designer, Video Editor:

    The main I5-11500 Intel 11A generation desktop level processor is equipped with a powerful UHD750 Core graphics card and supports powerful 10-bit hardware decoding functionality: 2: 2. Provides a high quality rare video material for i Video manufacturers to change smoothly. capacity.

    When MAXSUN MS-CHALLENGER H510 ITX is equipped with i5-11500 processor, it supports powerful double frequency performance of the 2933MHz channel. The powerful feeding design of the new 4-phase 4Powerfet MOS graphics card is pos SIBLE to make the UHD750 graphics card stable by permanently visualizing powerful performance! For medium-level drawings, you can take it for a long time.


    The frame that supports Flex and SFX power supplies not only has a wider range of power options, but also the heat dissipation of the entire machine can be raised at a higher level! Furthermore, the size of the frame has a sack of a unique and highly detailed frame. Among these, there is a specific A4 call. With this specification, it is also pos SIBLE update a powerful discrete graphics card:

    H510ITX supports PC IE4.0 technology and ResizableBar and can completely release game performance when combined with Discrete mainstream graphics cards. It can also meet the needs of games or high performance design. The A4 chassis is usually equipped with a pressure radiator. The power supply and heat dissipation armor of the MAXSUN MS-CHALLENGER H510ITX is designed with many optimizations for the pressure radiator air duct. With proper heat dissipation, it can maintain long-term stable performance. .

    The delicacy and compactness of the ITX motherboard was loved by people for a long time.Not only do they occupy any pos to at home, but the elegant and individual design can even make the computer an ornament.

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