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    Fabbricazione di monitor a telaio aperto da 19 pollici

    • Autore:jacob
    • Rilasciare il:2019-06-06
    today, we have a project for 19 in open frame monitor fabrication ;

    the client show me drawing ;looks design as well ;

    此图像的 alt 属性为空;文件名为 cad-drawing.png

    19 inch open frame drawing

    the hole mark A , B , C one by one , and the material ,surface tech demand list clear;

    but when i open it to fabrication , fond the some hole too close the bend edge ; almost stuck the tool ;

    此图像的 alt 属性为空;文件名为 hole-problem.png

    the monitor frame bend stuck with the hole

    so, the client kindly discuss and advise the hole move up more 1.2mm ,

    i am not sure it's can solved it , try to make it first ;

    the back design looks good , the interface IO plate can be replace when the motherboard changed

    the flat bend drawing spent my 2 hours ; it's terrible ; because the bend edge many cut to different sharp, so, NX cant' recognize it ,

    finally, the extend drawing as below ;


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