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Fan-less system of industrial panel PC


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    Fan-less system of industrial panel PC

    The Global Industrial Panel PC Market 2017-2021 is in April 2017, according to a report by RESEARCH AND MARKETS.
    Commenting on the report: “One trend in market is emergence of IIoT and smart factory. The emergence of IIoT and Industry 4.0 technology is continuously escalating the demand for automation products in the last few years. The rising implementation of IIoT and cloud-based computing has resulted in rapid technological advances across various industrial devices. Thus, the higher adoption of IIoT and cloud-based computing is likely to bring technological disruption in connectivity for industrial panel PCs.”

    According to the report, one driver in market is increasing demand for fan-less panel PCs. Many traditional panel PCs utilize a fan to cool down the heat generated due to processors. Though these fans are well suited for commercial PCs, they are highly vulnerable to demanding industrial environments. Industrial environments are more demanding due to the presence of large dust particles, wide temperature fluctuations, shocks, and random vibrations. In these conditions, fans attract dust particles. In addition, if the fan fails for any technical reason, the entire system will face a severe threat of overheating. In the recent days, manufacturers are involved in mass production that utilizes powerful processing units to manage important data. These processors are capable of handling a large set of data but generate more heat as compared with the older version. It is noted that most of the malfunctions in panel PCs occur due to the heavy amount of heat. Thus, panel PC manufacturers combat this problem by implementing a fan-less system for dissipation of heat through heat sink technology.

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