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    Rack Services

    China 4U 24盘位存储服务器 S6424-F-Fabrik

    4U 24盘位存储服务器 S6424-F

    China S 165-04 Storage Server-Fabrik

    S 165-04 Storage Server

    China CS 265-08D Storage Server-Fabrik

    CS 265-08D Storage Server

    China The CS 265-12D storage-Fabrik

    The CS 265-12D storage

    China CS 265-12E Storage Server chassis-Fabrik

    CS 265-12E Storage Server chassis

    China CS 465-24E Storage Server chassis-Fabrik

    CS 465-24E Storage Server chassis

    China CS 179-04D Storage Server chassis-Fabrik

    CS 179-04D Storage Server chassis

    China CS 279-12E Storage Server chassis-Fabrik

    CS 279-12E Storage Server chassis

    China CS 479-36E Storage Server chassis-Fabrik

    CS 479-36E Storage Server chassis

    China 【SL201-D08R】2U8 Bay 3.5 inch model-Fabrik

    【SL201-D08R】2U8 Bay 3.5 inch model

    • Name                  SL201-D08R                           Processor                   1 or 2 Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor, up to 205W           ...
    China 【SL201-D12RE】2U 12Bay 3.5 inch model-Fabrik

    【SL201-D12RE】2U 12Bay 3.5 inch model

    • 2U 12Bay 3.5 inch model Name SL201-D12RE Processor 1 or 2 Intel® Xeon® Scal...
    China 【SL201-D25RE】2U 25Bay 2.5 inch model-Fabrik

    【SL201-D25RE】2U 25Bay 2.5 inch model

    • 2U 25Bay 2.5inch model Name SL201-D25RE Processor 1 or 2 Intel® Xeon® Scala...

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