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Capacitive Touch PC Kiosk are designed featuring high definition industrial LCD panels


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    Capacitive Touch PC Kiosk are designed featuring high definition industrial LCD panels


    The 55″ Capacitive Touch PC Kiosk are designed featuring high definition industrial LCD panels that are built for constant 24/7 use. All SZ kioks ship with energy-saving LED back light technology, 10 finger multitouch capacitive touch interfaces, and a streamlined, modern appearance.

    Each SZ kiosk is built with extra wide viewing angles and comes with the SZ industrial fay-002 mainboard . This is combined with the powerful and energy efficient QuadCore Celeron processor.

    Each 55.5″ kiosk comes with a SZ industrial grade 64 GB SSD drive with Linux Operation System installed (Windows 7-10 drivers available), W-Lan and additional PC ports accessible behind a locking cover. The SZ capacitive touch PC kiosk offers a comprehensive and secure kiosk solution ready for immediate use.

    Potential Use Case Scenarios

    SZ NA 55.5″ Capacitive Touch PC Kiosk can be used in a variety of different environments and use cases. It can be used in virtually any location that can benefit from kiosk services (directories, wayfinders, reservations, information and interactive advertising). Common uses of SZ’s kiosks are academic settings like universities, colleges and schools that offer information access, event scheduling, class enrollment, reservations, voting and much more.

    The 55.5″ interactive capacitive touch screen display makes user interactions a simplified and streamlined process that can guide the user to the appropriate information or outcome.

    Commercial settings could use the SZ kiosks as ways to gather advertising information, promote products or services, manage reservations or purchases, voting, information management, service enrollment, point of sale interfaces and numerous other applications. Employers will large numbers of employees can use the kiosk solutions as time clocks, reservation systems, job assignments, team management and a number of other uses. Consumer use of the kiosks could be as voting booths, informational directories, photobooth kiosks and special event kiosks to promote products or services. There are numerous applications for the PC kiosk solutions that offers.

    It is SZ’s goal to design and manufacture high quality capacitive touch PC kiosk solutions designed with performance and productivity in mind.

    We provide a creative solution for touch screen PC kiosk needs.

    If you want to add an interactive touch kiosk solution to your organization and aren’t sure what the best solution might be, then talk with us and share your use scenario. We know we can help with the best kiosk solution that meets your budget and needs.

    Contact us today to speak with our touchscreen kiosk specialists!

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